A film by Michal Kosakowski


‘Zero Killed’ runs in the Feature Film Competition at the 12th TOHorror Film Fest – Festial di cinema e cultura del fantastico in Torino, Italy (November 12-17, 2012). Screening is on

November 13, 2012, 11pm @ Cine Club “Blah Blah”

TOHorror Film Fest
TOHorror Film Fest – Schedule

Among the most important Italian art film festivals, TOHORROR FILM FEST starts from cinema and then explores all possible means of communication, with the purpose of analysing contemporary society through the deforming lenses provided by the fantastic and horror culture. Thus, through the young authors’ videos and the films made by more expert directors, the meetings, the theatrical performances, the concerts, the art and comics exhibitions, we are enabled to to interpet reality, filtering it through a most wild imagination.

TOHORROR FILM FESTIVAL is seen as a magnifying glass, a periscope, a microscope, a scanner which, through the eye of the camera, the images conveyed by films, pictures and photos, investigates and analyses fears, terror, the permanent horrors and today’s ones.

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