A film by Michal Kosakowski

Director’s statement

Murder fantasies are lonely affairs

It is a fact that people have the capacity to imagine both what they desire and what they fear. Surely everyone has encountered situations where aggressions had accumulated to such an extent that scenarios of murder and mayhem seemed the only adequate option – if only in theory. In most cases these fantasies remain suppressed and most people would feel ashamed to share them with others, no doubt because they fear unpleasant situations might arise by challenging the cultural constructs and conventions that determine our everyday life.

And then, there is the banality of murder fantasies; the more banal something is, the greater the taboo it is put under in and by society. While coitus ideally may allow partners to share pleasurable emotions, sheer protectiveness would make them reluctant to share murder fantasies with the same willingness.

‘Zero Killed’ is my response to the continuous flood of uncommented depiction of violence in and by the media which daily undermines and erodes our capacity for empathy.