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We are proud to announce that ‘Zero Killed’ has been invited to screen at the 3rd Brisbane Underground Film Festival directed by Nina Riddel. The festival takes place in Brisbane, Australia and runs from November 1-3, 2012.

November 3rd, 2012, 12am @ Brisbane Powerhouse

BUFF – Brisbane Underground Film Festival
BUFF – Zero Killed
Brisbane Powerhouse

Brisbane Underground Film Festival (BUFF) screens recent, weird, lowbudget, risky and overlooked films to people whose curiosity goes beyond the megaplex.

Defining underground movies as a mixture of highbrow (video art and experimental film) and lowbrow (gore and boobs), BUFF has no middle-of-the-road. You will be entertained, perhaps enlightened, and definitely exposed to the most interesting films around.


‘Zero Killed’ has been nominated for the Best International Feature Award at the Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival, New York. The festival runs from October 17-21, 2012. The screening is on

October 21, 2012, 8.45 pm @ Dipson’s Market Arcade Film & Arts Center

Award Nominations


by Mike Everleth | Bad Lit, Oct 11, 2012

This might be a total mis-remembrance, but it goes something like this: In an interview, horror filmmaker Wes Craven turned the tables on his interviewer and asked, “How many people have been killed in all the Nightmare on Elm Street movies combined? … None, it’s all make-believe.”

If horror movies are the means by which non-violent people can experience the darkest realms of the human psyche via projected surrogates, then German filmmaker Michael Kosakowski doesn’t let the subjects of his documentary Zero Killed off quite so easily.

The film begins with a title card explaining its unique conceit. For the past ten years, Kosakowsi has been asking a wide swath of people to reveal, on camera, what their most secret murder fantasies are. Then, once they’ve spilled their metaphoric guts, the subjects were asked to act out those fantasies — fictionally, of course — in a short film. Finally, later, Kosakowski interviewed all the participants again about the entire experience. (more…)