A film by Michal Kosakowski


‘Zero Killed’ has been invited to screen at Horrible Imaginings Film Festival of San Diego! We’re proud to be the first horror feature documentary ever to be screened at this festival! The festival will run from Nov 10-11, 2012 and is presented by Monster Island Resort! Screening schedule will be posted soon!

Festival director Miguel Rodriguez made an interesting interview with director Michal Kosakowski that will be podcasted on Monster Island Resort soon.

Horrible Imaginings Film Festival of San Diego
Horrible Imaginings Film Festival – Facebook
Monster Island Resort – The Online Radio Show

The mission of Horrible Imaginings is to spotlight horror and it’s various subgenres. From psychological thriller, to noir, to complete mayhem, the power of horror is its inherent ability to take our fears and exploit them–either to help us face them, or to just help us appease our dark sides. The number of subgenres is a testament to the creative power behind this dark genre.

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