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‘Zero Killed’ has been selected as the winner of the 1st Annual International Horror Film Contest, sponsored by Barnabus Bailey Presents and the Underground Cinema Film Festival in Dublin, Ireland. Our movie will officially open the Horror Day for the Festival on

Saturday, Sept 15th, 2012, 10am @ Kingston Hotel, The Dargan Suite, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

Barnabus Bailey and the Greatest Show Unearthed
Underground Cinema Film Festival 2012

About Zero Killed (from Barnabus Bailey)

What happens when you ask typical everyday working class people to film their personal murder fantasies, with them acting a role in the film? Then follow-up with interviews of each of them after the films to see how the experience affected them?

This brilliant documentary by Michal Kosakowski does just that. At times this film is humorous, other times frightening, as the participants share their darkest secrets and how they see them playing out visually. It is a brutally honest self-examination of those little thoughts we all experience daily. This documentary gets inside of your head and demands the ultimate in after viewing conversation circles.


by Chard Core | artsHub, Sept 7, 2012

German director Michal Kosakowski explores the intricacies of death in its various forms in his feature length debut documentary, Zero Killed. Over ten years in the making, the film asks people from everyday life, from all over the world, to share something special, something undeniably intimate; specifically, their ‘murder fantasies’.

Don’t roll your eyes, we all have them.

The ultimate elephant in the room, death will eventually consume us all. Even though we’ve been taught to repress thoughts of it, its shadow stretches across our lives and manifests in countless ways.

The ways Kosakowski’s nameless participants process death, and expand upon their thoughts about it when given free reign by him to do so, lies at very centre of Zero Killed. (more…)