A film by Michal Kosakowski


‘Zero Killed’ is the opening feature movie of the 7th Annual Freak Show Horror Film Festival in Orlando, Florida. The festival is part of the Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend! Director Michal Kosakowski will attend the festival and will introduce his film following by a Q&A after the screening!

October 26, 2012, 7 pm @ The Hilton Orlando

Freak Show Horror Film Festival
Freak Show Horror Film Festival – Zero Killed
Freak Show Horror Film Festival – Facebook
Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend

“The Art of Horror” – Orlando, Florida

Celebrate the Art of Independent Horror! This international horror genre film festival is the brainchild of FEAR FILM Motion Picture Studios Owner Robert J. Massetti. As a veteran independent horror filmmaker, Robert wanted to make a film festival that celebrates the independent horror filmmaker by giving the artist a forum to show his or her work.

The festival is a showcase of some of the most talented, up and coming horror filmmakers in the world and tries hard to help filmmakers reach their goals with their films. Located in the heart of all the best resturants, attractions, and shopping Orlando has to offer, this is a festival not to be missed for fun and exposure.

The FREAK SHOW Horror Film Festival is part of SPOOKY EMPIRE’S Ultimate Horror Weekend which draws thousands of horror fans from around the world. The convention features horror celebrities, bands, tattooing, huge vendor room, parties with celebrites by the pool, and much more!

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