A film by Michal Kosakowski


We are proud to announce that ‘Zero Killed’ has been nominated for the ‘German Independence Award – Best German Film’ at the 19th Oldenburg International Film Festival in Germany.

From Hollywoodreporter.com

Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino will head an all-woman jury at this year’s Oldenburg film festival, the indie film fest billed as Germany’s answer to Sundance.

Sorvino was named international jury president for the 2012 Oldenburg festival, which runs Sept. 12-16. Joining her on the international jury are actresses Debbie Rochon (Night of the Living Dead) and Gabrielle Miller (Call Me Fitz); producer and writer Lana Morgan (The Last Supper) and director/producer Tamar Simon Hoffs, whose last film, Pound of Flesh, premiered at Oldenburg in 2010.

The jury will elect the winner of Oldenburg’s German Independence Award for Best Film. Five German-language titles are in the running this year: Jan Ole Gerster’s opening night feature Oh Boy; the drama The Visitor (Die Besucher) from Constanze Knoche; Lola Randl’s The Dragonfly and the Rhinoceros (Die Libelle und das Nashorn); Still Life (Stillleben) from Austrian director Sebastian Meise and Zero Killed, the first feature length film from experimental director Michal Kosakowski.

About Nominee ZERO KILLED – From Oldenburg International Film Festival

This first feature by award-winning experimental director, Michal Kosakowski, could not be more relevant – or terrifying. A group of seemingly normal people with no criminal history agree to be interviewed about their murder fantasies. Offered the chance for their fantasies to be filmed, the only condition was they had to act in these films themselves, as either the victim or perpetrator. And they do. The result of these ‘non criminal’ fantasies of average people is shocking, bold, insightful, harsh.

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