A film by Michal Kosakowski


‘Zero Killed’ has been nominated for the ‘Prize for the best film for the sharpest vision on Man and Woman’ in the International Documentary Competition (July 2 – 22, 2012). The Film will be shown on

July 5th, 2012, 11 pm @ Pärnu Town Hall

Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival

Pärnu Int. Documentary Film Festival, founded in 1987, is the oldest film festival in Estonia. The aim of the festival in general is to support cultural survival of peoples. Only documentary films of high value and quality, recording human activities in social, historical or ecological context are accepted for competition screenings. Main subjects are Human Interest, Social Issues, Art, Music, Culture, Survival of Indigenous Cultures, Docs for Kids, Author’s POV. The festival is held every July. An international jury awards the grand prix for the best film. Since 1999, a separate competition has been held for films, that will be broadcast in Estonian Television (Estonian People’s Award).

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