A film by Michal Kosakowski


Netherlands Premiere! ZERO KILLED has been selected for the BUT – B-Movie, Underground & Trash Film Festival in Breda, The Netherlands! The screening schedule will be announced soon. Hope to see u there!

BUT B-Movie, Underground & Trash Film Festival

Fans of bizarre, experimental or otherwise distorting movies are served every year at the festival for B-movies, Underground and Trash films (BUTFF). The festival is located in the city center of Breda at the center of fine arts “Nieuwe Veste” (Sint Janstraat 16, Breda). BUTFF screens films which divert radically for the mainstream cinema. Films that surprise you in their style, taste or content

BUTFF is an initiative of Stichting Idee-fixe (aka IDFX). This non-profit foundation aims to get a larger audience for artistic photo’s, video’s, film and modern digital media. Primary target of IDFX is accomplish this by serving as intermediate between public and artists or distributors of these cultural media.

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