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‘Zero Killed’ can be still seen at the 14th Videonale at Kunstmusem Bonn, Germany. The exhibtion runs until April 7, 2013. Don’t miss it!

VIDEONALE.14 – Festival for Contemporary Video Art
VIDEONALE.14 – Zero Killed

“Zero Killed” is a documentary which examines murder fantasies. From 1996 on, Kosakowski produced films in which he asked people of different backgrounds about their thoughts of killing someone and then let them carry these out. These staged murders are the basis of “Zero Killed” and are acted out by the very people who had these fantasies. Ten years after the project ended Kosakowski set off again and interviewed the former protagonists about their intentions, experiences and the effect which “carrying out” their murder gave them. The insights which he gained varied greatly, but they all have one thing in common; everyone enjoyed the murder which they had originally just thought about. In “Zero Killed” film excerpts and interviews follow one another. The rapid switches between staged murder and recorded interviews lead the observer to alternate between different judgements of the same event. The protagonists enjoy talking about this forbidden theme, frequently with so much objectivity that it is difficult to believe these crimes did not take place. Kosakowski hints at an imagination which – if his interview partners are to be believed – is inherent in every one of us and which, despite all brutality, can also be felt as a liberation.

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by Hal C F Astell | Apocalypse Later, Feb 11, 2013

This film was an official selection at Phoenix FearCon V in Scottsdale in 2012. It’s not your usual horror movie that evolves out of an art installation, but Zero Killed began life in 2007 at the Lothringer13 gallery in Munich and, sure enough, it’s something rather different. It’s a cross between documentary and fake snuff film, but with an opposing emphasis to movies such as Man Bites Dog or Long Pigs. For a decade, beginning in 1996, filmmaker Michał Kosakowski asked a variety of people from a variety of backgrounds about their murder fantasies, then provided the gruesome means by which they could act them out in front of the camera. Kosakowski delivered everything needed to turn their fantasies into reality, if only in a fictional way, except one thing: he set the condition that they had to act in their little pictures themselves. Then, a decade on, he returned to his subjects, spread across five central European countries, to interview them about their experiences and how they might have been changed by them. (more…)


We are honoured to be published in the Austrian Cult Magazine Rokko’s Adventures, No.12. Director Michal Kosakowski talks with Daniel Krcal on his film “Zero Killed”.

Rokko’s Adventures
‘Nix Tot’ – Interview with Michal Kosakowski (PDF in German)