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We are very very proud to announce that ‘Zero Killed’ won the Best Feature Award at Horrible Imaginings Film Festival in San Diego!

Best of Horrible Imaginings 2012: Judge’s Picks!

“The best feature award goes to Michal Kosakowski’s darkly introspective documentary Zero Killed. One judge praised its originality in blending candid discussion interspersed with short films. It was also praised for it’s bravery in looking at darkness head on without being sensationalistic about it. It was also noted that the short films in the documentary, many of them made by non-filmmakers, were extremely real and effective. This was probably due to their unique level of sincerity. Congratulations to Michal Kosakowski on winning the trophy for this 16-year project!”


‘Zero Killed’ has won the Best Editing Feature Film Award at the Killer Film Fest in Somerville, Massachusetts!

Killer Film Fest Awards


by Slippery Lyzard | Cape Town, South Africa, Nov, 2012

Now this is filmmaking, even if it’s seems a tad amateur, it’s still brilliant. The concept, not the freshest since the fall of the western world but nevertheless, definitely plays into the human psyche of wanting to kill someone after they have fucked with you. I couldn’t think of a more original thing to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon other than finding a victim, torturing the bejesus out of them, and then systematically putting them out of their misery in any way conceivable. This may truly be art…

Quiet on set! Oh hello, I was just about ready to get into my directors chair. Now I know what you are thinking you’re a writer, what’s with all this film making mumbo jumbo? Well I’ll tell you; I was about to start production on a little script I wrote entitled “Death to all Lyzards”. You like? I thought you would. It’s a straight to the point feature with a plot so brilliant it will have you chewing your fingers right down to the bone. Want to hear it? Well it begins on a fine day quite like today and ends up with me the Lyzard King brutally murdering all Lyzard impersonators in the most creative way possible. You’re thinking it’s ok maybe a little cheesy but hey let me ask you this then; don’t you ever have any murder fantasies? (more…)