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The Killer Within

An interview with Michal Kosakowski | Deutsche Welle, April 5, 2012

Murder, mayhem, violence: Where do such fantasies originate? A conversation with film-maker Michal Kosakowski, who made normal people act out fantasies they usually keep under wraps. A glimpse into the interior life of people just like you and me.

For more than 15 years Viennese film-maker Michal Kosakowski has been dealing with fantasies of murder and mayhem in a number of art projects. He interviewed people about whether and how they would kill somebody and then gave them the opportunity to act out these fantasies on videos – as perpetrators or victims. His many years of dealing with the subject first led to the widely publicised video installation “Fortynine” in which viewers are exposed to the simultaneous onslaught of hundreds of murder videos and, eventually, to a film that juxtaposes these murder fantasies with interviews in which the participants comment on them. The title “Zero Killed” is programmatic, however: as far as we know, none of the participants has ever committed a felony in reality. And yet the film affords alarming insights into the inner life of so-called normal people. (more…)