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Meeting Zones of Injured Bodies

by Patrick Bühler | Interview with Michal Kosakowski | Splatting Image Magazine Nr. 85, March 2011

Experimental filmmaker, documentarist and media artist Michal Kosakowski’s collaborators include controversial photographer Oliviero Toscani as well as the director of the Venice Film Festival, Marco Müller. As preparation for the following interview I’ve selected from Kosakowski’s impressive body of work pieces where he deals with the murder fantasies that quite normal people – most of them, possibly, without any notable police record – from Austria, Germany and Poland, indulge in. Kosakowski gave their fantasies cinematic and dramaturgical support. Over several years (1996–2007) this work developed into his kaleidoscopic project ‘Fortynine’, a collection of short films, which has now mutated into the recent documentary fiction ‘Zero Killed’ (2011), for which self-reflexive interviews with the ‘murderers’ were added. My intention was to talk with him about the meeting zones in which bodies are penetrated, be it with murder weapons, genitals, or other implements. It is in such zones that the term hardcore regains its original interpretation: this is about the core of libidinal behaviour patterns which, emotionally charged to breaking point, are released in a consistent and forceful manner that could hardly be more trivial. It is my conclusion that the murders in their violent depictions meet the pornography of extremes, complete with stranglings, beatings, ejaculations, vomiting, and painful anal penetration. And yet it all remains within the scope of what can be found in the commercial sex film business and its availability via video rental shops, mail order, and the Internet – it’s just that bit harder than hardcore, that’s all. And it is precisely this banality of violence and sex that is subject to massive taboos (who talks about it?) and ostensible (?) libidinal sub-complexity. (more…)